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    Each month we provide our FREE Mindful Coloring Members a nice variety of Premium Coloring Pages and Journal Pages.  All of our coloring pages are available in an easy to print PDF format and ready to download immediately.

    The FREE Membership also includes all of the Scatter Kindness resources that we release each month.   

    Mindful Coloring Membership

    The Mindful Coloring Membership is perfect for those looking for a little more coloring and journal pages.  The Mindful Coloring Premium Membership includes:

    • 30 premium printable coloring pages each month
    • Scatter Kindness Resources
    • All of our theme sets will  be available in our Mindful Coloring Premium Members Area for free for 90 days after release.   

    The Mindful Coloring Membership is the best value and variety that we offer.

    How to Make Coloring Therapeutic

    How to Make Coloring Therapeutic

    Look for patterns. Repetition, pattern, and detail seem to be the key elements. Studies show that coloring mandalas and geometric shapes is more soothing than working on unstructured designs. Explore different themes. Adult coloring books offer a wide range of topics....