Is Adult Coloring for You? Adults have their own coloring books now, and they may be therapeutic.  Some studies show that coloring helps to relieve stress and anxiety and even produces positive changes in heart rates and brain waves.  While fans are enthusiastic, some experts are a bit more cautious.

There is strong evidence to support the effectiveness of art therapy for helping patients to manage serious conditions, including cancer and addictions.  On the other hand, adult coloring books have been popular for only about 5 years, so less is known about them.

Could coloring help you deal with routine daily pressures?

Before you break out the crayons or colored pencils, find out more about this growing hobby.  Benefits of Adult Coloring:

  1. Promote mindfulness.  Coloring can help you to put aside regrets about the past and concerns about the future as you focus on what you’re doing in the present moment. In that sense, it does have positive effects similar to meditation.
  2. Think positive. Shifting your attention away from overdue bills and noisy neighbors can feel good. Your mood brightens as you contemplate pretty colors and interesting pictures.
  3. Find balance.  Any offline hobby that allows you to take a break from technology is a bonus these days. Studies show that checking social media or phone messages too frequently contributes to anxiety.
  4. Enjoy flexibility. Compared to other hobbies, coloring is inexpensive and portable. You can do it waiting at the airport or sitting in a coffee shop.
  5. Start small. Another major advantage to coloring is that it requires no significant skills to succeed. If you felt like an underachiever in high school art classes, you can still color between the lines.