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This document outlines the acceptable use of the mindful-coloring.com website, its associated web services, and server infrastructure. It includes our content moderation policy and what you can expect regarding performance and availability.


The mindful-coloring.com website is designed for access via standard web browser software by humans directly. Except for publicly accessible RSS feeds in XML format, the site and its files are not meant for access via automated means such as scripts, bots, or automated applications.

Use of automated methods for accessing or downloading from the site, partially or entirely, may result in prevention, termination, delay, or slowing of access, particularly for excessive downloads. This is to protect the user experience for those accessing it as intended by its authors.

Automated access can degrade website performance or incur significant additional costs without adequate revenue to cover these costs. We urge users to adhere to these guidelines so we can maintain mindful-coloring.com as a free resource, focusing our human and financial resources on improving and expanding the website’s features and content.


While browsing mindful-coloring.com, “cookies” – small text files – are created on your local file system by your web browser at our servers’ request. These files personalize the browsing experience for both registered and non-registered users. You can delete these files anytime or configure your browser not to create them. However, we cannot guarantee full functionality of ColoringKitchen.com without cookies enabled.

Third-Party Advertisers

ColoringKitchen.com displays ads from various third-party advertising networks. The practices of these advertisers are not covered by mindful-coloring.com’s privacy policy. We advise reading their policies for more information. A list of our advertising partners is provided for convenience but may not always be comprehensive or up-to-date.


Direct hyperlinking to images and other large files hosted by mindful-coloring.com is prohibited without our permission. You may link directly to individual HTML or XML based web pages.

Except for publicly available RSS feeds in XML format, no files or services hosted on this website are to be integrated into any other online service or application without the expressed written permission of the website operators.

User-Submitted Content

mindful-coloring.com is a community-supported website, relying heavily on user content. To maintain content quality, only selected submissions are published.

User-submitted content may be commented on, with such comments appearing on the site. These comments should be constructive and related to the content. They should not contain personal insults, off-topic discussions, insensitive material, sexual content, or other unsuitable material for a family audience. Posting personal information is discouraged. Children under 13 should only post under adult supervision.


We strive to maintain the availability and performance of mindful-coloring.com and its services but cannot guarantee uninterrupted access. The site may be occasionally inaccessible, wholly or partly, for maintenance, upgrades, or to prevent unauthorized use or exploitation.


mindful-coloring.com, its owners, employees, contractors, and partners are not legally or financially responsible for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from the use of the website, its content, services, or infrastructure.

Concerns about the website should be directed to the operators via the ‘Contact Us‘ link.

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