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April 12, 2022, is an unforgettable day.

I landed at Heathrow Airport after a 10-hour flight from Vancouver. Stepping up to immigration, I noticed that nobody asked for my COVID-19 vaccine certificate. So, I asked the officer about it, and he looked up, gave me a sunshine smile, and answered, “We stopped checking those three weeks ago.” His words made my day.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a crisis like no other in human history. The scale of its impact on people’s mental health is only now becoming clear. As Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, said in a video, “it could have serious implications for many years to come.”

So, how do we deal with “grief at the loss of loved ones, anxiety at the loss of jobs, difficult family dynamics, uncertainty, and fear for the future”?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but one thing that might help is mindfulness coloring page. It’s exactly why we launched this website—a little corner where anyone can drop by for a dose of inner peace and creativity.

Through coloring, Mindful-Coloring.com offers a way to focus, to breathe, and to find a bit of stillness in the daily grind. It’s about making room for a mental breather, where you can color away the stress and maybe find some clarity.

Each mindfulness coloring page invites you to step back from the chaos and connect with the moment through simple, deliberate actions. Whether it’s filling in a complex geometric design or a serene landscape, it’s all about giving yourself the space to just be.

We’re not claiming to solve all your problems, but we do believe in the power of mindfulness to make life a little lighter. So, whether you’re a professional artist or someone who hasn’t picked up a crayon since grade school, there’s a place for you here to maybe color your way to a calmer state of mind.

Check out Mindful Coloring and give yourself permission to pause. It’s time to have a little more zen in our lives, right?

We’d love to see your artwork and hear your feedback! Enjoy!

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